Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Understanding our Knowledge on an LDS Temple

      Why is the Mormon Temple so secret?

      The Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints isnt secret at all. In fact they want everyone to know what happens in there and all who follow what God has commanded can enter. To answere that question though, the Mormon Temple is not secret, its in fact sacred.

      In the Holy Temple of the Lord there are ordinances performed through the power of God, known as the Priesthood. This Priesthood, which Christ himself held and gave to his apostles 2,000 years ago, has been restored and is on the earth once more.

      This miracle can and will bring ALL who partake of it, closer to our Father in Heaven. That is a promise given to us by a Prophet of the Lord.

      In the temple we can be sealed to our family for eternity. How long is eternity? Well its more than any of us can count. But to be sealed to our spouce and our children is allowing us to be with them even after we go home to our Father in Heaven.

      The Gospel of Jesus Christ, if possible, can be summed up in one word... hope. The gospel gives us a hope which leads to faith. Faith turns into a belief, that belief grows into a testimony and then to knowledge. That doesnt end there, knowledge can only grow into an understanding. To understand something means we know how it works, its strengths and weaknesses, its purpose, its past, present, and future. In the Temple we can gain a better understanding of who we were, are, and can be. Most important we can understand a portion of the love Heavenly Father has for us.

      When we prepare ourselves to enter the temple, we will have the spirit of the Lord with us. Holding a temple recomend does nothing for others, but makes an eternal difference for us. Those of us who have had the amazing opportunity to enter the temple know what blessings come from it. but we dont always understand it.

      The Lord has challenges us to walk a little straighter, stand a little bolder, and kneel a little longer. Entering the temple does alot for us and even more for our family. Challenge yourself and your loved ones to prepare ourselves and them to enter.

       To put down or pick up, go to or get away from, believe in or cast out ANYTHING that we need to in order to enter in The House of the Lord.

      I know and am starting to understand a little more of the love of God. I can only do this because of the loving parents and other examples that I have had in my life to help guide me down this path. Now its our turn to be the example to those who are searching. I promise all those who read this and have that desire to obtain the blessings that you have felt will come to you when reading this, to talk to the missionaries or your bishop. "They will help you"!

      Those of us who need a little boost can read in the Bood of Mormon in 2 Nephi chapter 1, about what the Lord has prepared for us. In verses 6-9, I would invite you to substitute anything that has to do with "the promise land" with the word "temple". Likewise substitute "Jerusalem" with "the world" (or things of the world). As we read this chapter look at how we can apply the differnt events that take place that Lehi addresses. How simular are those situations to our own?
      Verses 13 and 14 are Lehi's last wishes of his children before he dies. Think of our own parents or our children wishing those things of us. 21-23 shows us what we can do if we choose to fallow these commandments and the power that we can have. 25-26 speak of false judgments that we might have made to allow another to offend us. If this is the case then we can pray for guidance on how to handle it.

      "UNDERSTAND  what this means, dont THINK about what was said."

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